Картина Villa Letters 120x120 Assorted

Картина Villa Letters 120x120 Assorted

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Abstract colour harmony - This elegant work of art doesn t need any unnecessary ornamentation. It creates its impressive aesthetic impact with its harmonious colouring and the light that shimmers through. The background images of letters and numbers can only be guessed at, and require a second look before they reveal themselves. In spite of this they form a secret presence in the room. Restrained glitter effects give the Villa Letters oil painting a certain touch of flamboyance.
Высота 1,2
Глубина 0,05
Ширина 1,2
Ширина Упаковки 1,23
Глубина Упаковки 0,12
Вес Брутто 12,75
Высота Упаковки 1,25
Вес НЕТТО 4,75
Материал :, Картина:, Рамы: пихта из массива дерева натуральный / необработанный, ручная роспись
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