Скамьи к обеденном столу

Dining Table Bench Catania

Dining Table Bench Catania..

92990 ₽

Скамья Authentico 140x42 cm

Pure and authentic: anyone who appreciates a distinctive design idiom will love the furniture of the..

39210 ₽

Скамья Authentico 160x40 cm

Pure and authentic: anyone who appreciates a clear design idiom will love the furniture in the Authe..

44990 ₽

Скамья Brooklyn Nature 140cm

Modern elegance. Clearly defined forms, elegantly rounded corners and slightly facetted edges ensure..

42830 ₽

Скамья Brooklyn Nature 160cm

Modern elegance. Distinctive forms, elegantly rounded corners and slightly faceted edges give this b..

46430 ₽

Скамья Country Life

Bench: Rodeo Drive. The seat is upholstered in high-quality goatskin, while steel legs provide a mod..

66570 ₽

Скамья Downtown 200cm

Simply beautiful. A bench from the Downtown series with reduced design. A clear, linear design idiom..

100380 ₽

Скамья Econo Buttons Vintage 162 cm

An elegant, vintage-look upholstered bench - This bench makes an impact with its leather-look cover..

82380 ₽

Скамья Gym Gabby 153cm

Attractive fusion of furniture and sports equipment. Upholstered bench full of character for three p..

168730 ₽

Скамья Mode Velvet Grey

Bench: comfortable upholstered bench from the Mode range with soft polyester velvet cover. Complemen..

104530 ₽

Скамья Mode без подлокотников Velvet Grey

After a long working day you want to relax... best of all immediately when you enter your apartment...

104530 ₽

Скамья Puro 140cm

Natural chic. This charming wooden bench from the Puro series impresses with lovingly crafted, uni..

48580 ₽

Скамья Railway 180

An original bench made of recycled planks and railway track – On a production site we discovered dis..

93190 ₽

Скамья Steamboat Econo 120x35cm

Just like time travel. This bench from the Steamboat series makes an impact with its rustic industr..

116930 ₽

Скамья Tractor

Whether it s in the kitchen, hallway or living room: the striking bench can be driven exactly where ..

125560 ₽

Скамья без подл. Black Mode Velvet Mauve

Bench Black Mode without AR Velvet Mauve..

103960 ₽

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